Leash Mannerisms

It has been over a month, and I am happy to say I have seen significant progress in Pax’s mannerisms on leash. I believe this a combination of several factors.

The first: Consistency. Without this, there is no progress.  To start, we have been walking him twice daily, in small segments at a time. I believe if you create initial high expectations, you’ll become overwhelmed and frustrated, and, most importantly, so will your pet.

Create positive reinforcement. I carry treats on me whenever we walk. Upon completing a block, lets say, I will give him a treat…operant conditioning exercises, if you will.

Patience for your pup:  without this, there is no opportunity to move forward. Understand that your pet looks to you to set the tone, and if they see you frustrated, they will associate that particular activity with fear and stress. Remember that they look to us for guidance, and it is up to us to guide them and create the structure they need in order for them to lead a fulfilling life.

Create a vision:  where do you see your pup  in a week? Month? Set realistic expectations. For example; what goal would you like your pet to realistically achieve within the first week? Do you want  your dog to START with taking down their energy level BEFORE walking out the door? ( this is a problem I had with Pax. Over excitement!)  if so, work on that. Start slowly and in small increments.

In summery, create a vision for your outcome. Make sure you create consistency, and most importantly, have patience for your pet and for yourself!


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