Summer Fun With Your Pup: Safety in the Summer

We all have fun activities we enjoy doing that involves our four-legged friends.  Some love to bring their animals to the beach (anyone have any cool doggy beaches near you!?), dog parks..or just areas to walk that include  different scenery…Summer is a time for all to take advantage of the outdoors. Our fur babies, for the most part, LOVE the outdoors. 

Summer Walks…

Pax loves his walks for sure. He loves meeting and greeting new people and, for the most part, other dogs (we are still working on it.. He has come a long way!) 

In addition, he loves to just plop himself down on the nice cool grass and “take in the sun.” 🙂  

All of these activities are great, provided we make sure we properly monitor them, give them ample amount of water, and the opportunity to stay in the shade. 

Make sure your pets are hydrated. Look for signs that may be indicative of hearstroke, etc. (dogs temperatures should not exceed 104 degrees). Should this happen,  put ice packs on your dog’s head, neck and chest. This will safely bring down their body temperature safely. 

Provide them a “kiddie pool” so they can romp around and stay cool. They have become very popular. This will allow them to cool their body down when hot, and it’s fun too!

Apply sunscreen!  Believe it or not, pets are succeptible to sub burn, so it’s important to have that handy!

This final one should be obvious, but unfortunately, there are some that do not take heed:  NEVER leave your pet in the car. Your car acts like an oven. If the temperature outside is 70, in the car, it can reach 100 degrees. This should never be an option for your pet. 

In conclusion, I hope you can enjoy your Summer safely with your pets, while adhering to these simple tips to keep them safe. 🙂

Please share some of your stories of your pets enjoying the summer weather! Would love to hear, or see pictures of your adventures! 

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