One Paw Washes The Other

Today on our journey, we wandered into Pet Smart, where my sweet 5 year old Lab, Pax had gone to pick out a few toys. 

My main objective, as you may know, is to give Pax as much exposure to outside stimuli, other dogs,etc to help alleviate any unwanted continuous behaviors when he encounters other animals. Exposure therapy, if you will. It is definitely helping with his growth. 

Today, however, turned out not to just be about Pax’s progress, but someone else’s.  Pax was wonderfully patient with helping a Jack Russel Terrier overcome his fears and anxieties with other dogs. Pax aided in several exercises, and allowed the dog to push through his anxieties little by little. It was wonderful to see. I encouraged the couple who was visibly anxious at the beginning, that if there is consistency and redirection, and most importantly, patience, then you will eventually experience a positive outcome, no matter how big or small. 🙂  I shared my experiences and progress with Pax, and let them know my dog is still a work in progress, hence that is why I bring Pax to meet other dogs. So, in conclusion, not only did it help the couples sweet pup, it also helped Pax obtain more trust in others and most importantly, during these interactions, he is learning to trust himself. 💗

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