🐾Happy National Dog Day!

Today, we recognize the importance of National Dog Day, and what it means to us.

It was started to raise awareness to adopt and rescue.  Oftentimes, there are many fears associated with adopting or rescuing a dog. Questions are asked, and conclusions are then formed, leaving us to think a dog must have been given up or ended up there due to “bad circumstances”, aggressive tendencies, unwanted behaviors, bad temperament, etc. That is often not the case, and sadly, dogs are placed in shelters where they spend most of their lives, not knowing what it is like to have stability.

So, as we pay homage to the pups we love, let’s recognize there are still many out there that are in need of love, and have tons of love to give.  Please consider adopting, as shelters are in desperate need to place pets in fur-ever  homes! 🐾



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