The dog in the shadows: The dog that’s existing, and not living

Oftentimes, there a some unfortunate stories that we hear  where a dog is not being treated well. It is sad, frustrating(especially if we can’t help), and disheartening. 

A dog must have room to spread its wings, so to speak. To explore, to run and romp around, to socialize and just simply BE a dog. I recently came across a story of a sweet pitbull who is not living out her years happily, as she is chained up almost  all day and night, with limited exposure to outdoors. This is simply inhumane. 

Dogs are naturally social beings who need interaction with humans and/or other animals. Intensive confinement or long-term restraint can severely damage their physical and psychological well-being. An otherwise friendly and docile dog, when kept continuously chained or intensively confined in any way, becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive.. 

Those people who are not educated about the dangers of limiting exposure, chaining your dog up, or simply not tending to the dogs needs  need to understand the risks associated with it. 

It is best to alert someone who can intervene  first in a constructive way to where the owners can be educated on the risks and dangers of such behaviors. If this behavior continues, further intervention is needed. It is simply unfair to the animals to endure such treatment. My hope is that this particular dog has found or will find a loving home to rest her head soon, as she deserves nothing less than that. 💗

3 thoughts on “The dog in the shadows: The dog that’s existing, and not living

  1. Very true! I recently heard through one of the common friends that this couple who are both working and has no one else at home, leave their pug in the balcony from morning till evening until they return. That was disheartening to know and made me angry why the he’ll such people even need a dog? Such a cruelty and am so helpless to do anything 😦

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    1. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to reply sometimes! I’m still learning how to navigate this via my phone. Yes, I totally agree. It’s very frustrating. People like the idea, but not the commitment of having a dog. It’s a big responsibility that you chose to embark on. Very sad indeed. No dog should have to endure that.

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