Fun Fall Activities To Do With Your Fur Baby

Now that summer has come and gone, we can enjoy the nice crisp weather, the refreshed feeling of the air and cool breeze. This is just as enjoyable for our pets as it is for humans. Oftentimes, the heat can pose a threat to our pets, especially when they would like to stay out for long periods of time, and if they don’t have a sufficient amount to drink, they can easily become dehydrated . The fall can be a pleasant reprieve for them. They can enjoy long, brisk walks and have the ability to exercise for longer periods of time. They also just simply like being outdoors. There are so many activities our pets can enjoy involving the outdoors. Dog runsd well supervised dog parks can provide the proper amount of exercise and socializing your dog may need.
There are even exciting and festive dog runs that take place in your town. Your city or town may host an annual Halloween-themed costume dog parade! This is a great way for your dog to socialize and have some fun! Even for us pet parents! 🙂 dog themed nature hikes are fun, too!

Whatever the method of outdoor fun you prefer, know that there are plenty of things for you and your dog to enjoy! Check out local listings on Facebook or various other sites!  Either way, make it a point to get out with your pup! It’ll both be great for the both of you and strengthen your bond even more! (*Take them out for a Puppachino at Starbucks!) …yes… that IS a REAL thing!


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