A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog: Proper Socialization

Proper socialization is extremely important when owning a dog. Well-socialized dogs tend to be less fearful and friendlier than dogs that are not properly socialized. They can experience less anxiety in other situations as well.

Pax was exposed to dogs at a young age, and would take frequent trips to the dog park. He fell in to the pack quite nicely, and maintained a balanced temperament throughout his interaction. However…during a trip to the park one day, he was attacked by another dog, which led him to become fearful of other dogs.

I admit that I sheltered him during this time..afraid of another horrible interaction…but I knew I had to find an alternative…

I did!  I began my research. I called several places to explain my situation..that my sweet Pax needs to immerse himself again with his dog pack.   I brought him for an intake, and (not) to my surprise, he was very vocal and hyper. The staff clearly did not blink an eye, as I am sure this is not the first time they have come across a hyper pup.

I spoke to them at length, filled out forms (they were very thorough) and left him there for his intake!   This consisted of observing his behaviors with 24/7 monitoring by dedicated staff. They also assured me that I can observe his interactions via webcam. Pretty awesome feature!

Time to pick him up…

He came out happy and tired, and MOST importantly, he had a POSITIVE experience! (Horray!) He had interacted with not only 1 or 2 dogs, but 10-15 dogs at once! That, to me, is an awesome example of positive socialization!

Since then, his walks have become more manageable, as he has learned to exert his energy in a different direction..with his pack! He still needs work, but he is definitely improving! He has been going at least once a week to play and romp around with his fellow canines, and most importantly, he looks forward to it! 🙂




🐾Showing Gratitude To Your Pet

Oftentimes, our pets are the ones who aid us in our recovery. They know when we are tired, sad, stressed, happy, etc.  They  are pros at reading our energy.

They show their love by exhibiting closeness.. The way they crawl up to you..how they nuzzle you, how they lay by your feet.. It’s all indicative of showing their love an affection for us.

We, in turn as humans see this and are so grateful to have such a bond with our pets in this way, therefore, we want to do everything on our power to show them the same level of gratitude for them as they show for us.

Showing the simplest form of gratitude to your pet, such as taking them for a long, brisk walk (I like to call them “puppy adventures”)-my lab gets a kick out of it- to a fun car ride, or to just simply allowing your dog to snuggle up to you during your favorite show, are just a few of the ways we can pay it forward to our four-legged friends!

How are some ways you display your affection and show gratitude to your pet?

Share your thoughts! 🐾




Sweet Affection

These two clearly have bonded with each other. This didn’t happen overnight, though….

We got Pax, our yellow lab, in March of 2010. He is your typical sweet, energetic pup.

Pax was an “only-child”..until kitty wandered into our driveway one day..

He gravitated toward our home day after day, night after night, without fail, which led to my husband and I eventually feeding him. That did it! Now I knew  this cat certainly wouldn’t leave!

We decided to “take him in” for the night, with the intentions of bringing him to a local shelter. My colleague expressed interest in taking the cat, and she did, but upon bringing him home, she learned her son was allergic. She then returned kitty to us after a few nights.

Pax was polite, but not yet comfortable with his new house guest around,  but he remained a gentleman.  The cat was more brazen than we expected. He tested the waters with Pax, and found himself in a kitty-puppy stand-off a few times, which resulted in Kitty landing a scratch on Pax’s nose.   Pax forgave him. 🙂

They both have found a happy medium, which led to a beautiful brotherly friendship that they have established.

It’s a beautiful thing. ❣

Hopeful Dog Adoption!

Does anyone have a happy adoption story they would like to share?

This evening, I inquired about this beautiful Red Fox Lab! He is gorgeous.  The owners simply cannot tend to the dogs needs as they would like, because they work long hours and so in turn, they are giving the dog up for adoption.

I immediately sent a message inquiring about this beautiful pup. It states that he is a puppy..probably about a year..year and a half, and looks like an absolute sweetheart.

Now, the next step is convincing my husband! 🙂


Share your happy tails!


The Very First Dog Mom Blog!

Hey, everyone!

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a first-time blogger.

I am super excited to begin my blogging endeavors, and even more excited to be able to write about what I love the most. My pets. In turn, I would love for you to share some of your stories and adventures with your dog!

To begin:

I have a 5 year old yellow lab who means the world to me. His name is Pax, and he is such a sweetheart.  As you can imagine, he is a bit hyper, but  he has a wonderful temperament, and is great with children and adults.


I would love to have him walk better on a leash, as he pulls and could potentially hurt me or himself.  I have taken him to a trainer when he was younger, but that was for standard obedience training. (i.e., sit, stay,).

In addition, he barks at other dogs when he is on his walks. I don’t think he is meaning to be aggressive, as his hair doesn’t stand up, but it’s very frustrating at times, because I occasionally get the side eye from the owners..

Does anybody  have any suggestions as to how I can rectify these behaviors?

Thanks in advance!



The Bond Between Human and Dog

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

A bond between human and dog is a special one.  Psychologists have studied the many benefits of owning a dog.

Both Psychologists and Psychiatrists have discovered that upon petting a dog, one’s blood pressure decreases, heart rates are lowered and muscle tension had dissipated.  These are all signs of reduced stress.

Owning a dog not only may increase your overall health and well-being, but can increase your longevity too!

Pax, my 5 year old yellow lab, has been the center of my world.  He is intuitive, gentle, and sweet. He is beyond personable, and the neighbors adore him.  At one point, somebody had approached me about training him to become a service dog.

Aside from his occasional hyperactivity, he is an amazing dog. We bond on our walks. when we take drives, and when he is just simply laying by my side.

You can say that my life has been forever changed…

How has YOUR life  changed since owning your dog?

Share your thoughts!