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Fun Fall Activities To Do With Your Fur Baby

Now that summer has come and gone, we can enjoy the nice crisp weather, the refreshed feeling of the air and cool breeze. This is just as enjoyable for our pets as it is for humans. Oftentimes, the heat can pose a threat to our pets, especially when they would like to stay out for long periods of time, and if they don’t have a sufficient amount to drink, they can easily become dehydrated . The fall can be a pleasant reprieve for them. They can enjoy long, brisk walks and have the ability to exercise for longer periods of time. They also just simply like being outdoors. There are so many activities our pets can enjoy involving the outdoors. Dog runsd well supervised dog parks can provide the proper amount of exercise and socializing your dog may need.
There are even exciting and festive dog runs that take place in your town. Your city or town may host an annual Halloween-themed costume dog parade! This is a great way for your dog to socialize and have some fun! Even for us pet parents! 🙂 dog themed nature hikes are fun, too!

Whatever the method of outdoor fun you prefer, know that there are plenty of things for you and your dog to enjoy! Check out local listings on Facebook or various other sites!  Either way, make it a point to get out with your pup! It’ll both be great for the both of you and strengthen your bond even more! (*Take them out for a Puppachino at Starbucks!) …yes… that IS a REAL thing!


The dog in the shadows: The dog that’s existing, and not living

Oftentimes, there a some unfortunate stories that we hear  where a dog is not being treated well. It is sad, frustrating(especially if we can’t help), and disheartening. 

A dog must have room to spread its wings, so to speak. To explore, to run and romp around, to socialize and just simply BE a dog. I recently came across a story of a sweet pitbull who is not living out her years happily, as she is chained up almost  all day and night, with limited exposure to outdoors. This is simply inhumane. 

Dogs are naturally social beings who need interaction with humans and/or other animals. Intensive confinement or long-term restraint can severely damage their physical and psychological well-being. An otherwise friendly and docile dog, when kept continuously chained or intensively confined in any way, becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive.. 

Those people who are not educated about the dangers of limiting exposure, chaining your dog up, or simply not tending to the dogs needs  need to understand the risks associated with it. 

It is best to alert someone who can intervene  first in a constructive way to where the owners can be educated on the risks and dangers of such behaviors. If this behavior continues, further intervention is needed. It is simply unfair to the animals to endure such treatment. My hope is that this particular dog has found or will find a loving home to rest her head soon, as she deserves nothing less than that. 💗

Dog Mom Diaries Facebook Page! 

After some thought, I decided to create a page dedicated to all things dogs! It is intended for those who would like to post pics of their four legged fur babies. If you would like to join, please feel free to post pics and share stories! You can find me at Dog Mom Diaries 🙂 

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🐾Happy National Dog Day!

Today, we recognize the importance of National Dog Day, and what it means to us.

It was started to raise awareness to adopt and rescue.  Oftentimes, there are many fears associated with adopting or rescuing a dog. Questions are asked, and conclusions are then formed, leaving us to think a dog must have been given up or ended up there due to “bad circumstances”, aggressive tendencies, unwanted behaviors, bad temperament, etc. That is often not the case, and sadly, dogs are placed in shelters where they spend most of their lives, not knowing what it is like to have stability.

So, as we pay homage to the pups we love, let’s recognize there are still many out there that are in need of love, and have tons of love to give.  Please consider adopting, as shelters are in desperate need to place pets in fur-ever  homes! 🐾



One Paw Washes The Other

Today on our journey, we wandered into Pet Smart, where my sweet 5 year old Lab, Pax had gone to pick out a few toys. 

My main objective, as you may know, is to give Pax as much exposure to outside stimuli, other dogs,etc to help alleviate any unwanted continuous behaviors when he encounters other animals. Exposure therapy, if you will. It is definitely helping with his growth. 

Today, however, turned out not to just be about Pax’s progress, but someone else’s.  Pax was wonderfully patient with helping a Jack Russel Terrier overcome his fears and anxieties with other dogs. Pax aided in several exercises, and allowed the dog to push through his anxieties little by little. It was wonderful to see. I encouraged the couple who was visibly anxious at the beginning, that if there is consistency and redirection, and most importantly, patience, then you will eventually experience a positive outcome, no matter how big or small. 🙂  I shared my experiences and progress with Pax, and let them know my dog is still a work in progress, hence that is why I bring Pax to meet other dogs. So, in conclusion, not only did it help the couples sweet pup, it also helped Pax obtain more trust in others and most importantly, during these interactions, he is learning to trust himself. 💗

A Big Thank You!

I was nominated for the blogger recognition award by  an awesome fellow blogger, magicmindz. Thank you!! So very cool!

My blogging journey started just a few months ago when a friend and I were exchanging stories about our fur babies.. In the midst of our conversation, I joked about how we always make time to endlessly talk about our animals, how the stories we exchange are both sweet and humorous..which led to “We talk about our pets all day. We should start a blog!”  I chucked at the thought seconds later, thinking, who would possibly take the time to read such a thing?

I then started doing some research on blogging sites, and came across this one! Ever since then, I’ve developed a kind of “blogging flow”, if you will, that allows me to infuse my passion for my pets, while telling the truth about my experiences about my journey as a pet parent. I find it exciting because I am starting to see how many people have been receptive to my message I’m sharing. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, and I look forward to enjoying both reading and writing more!

For those of you who are new bloggers, my advice to you would be to write about something you are passionate about. Without passion, there’s no substance. Find what it is you enjoy, and the thoughts will be fluid. In addition, be sure to have fun with it! Explore and learn about the blogging world. Read others work. You’ll most certainly learn something!

Happy Blogging,

Elizabeth 💗

Summer Fun With Your Pup: Safety in the Summer

We all have fun activities we enjoy doing that involves our four-legged friends.  Some love to bring their animals to the beach (anyone have any cool doggy beaches near you!?), dog parks..or just areas to walk that include  different scenery…Summer is a time for all to take advantage of the outdoors. Our fur babies, for the most part, LOVE the outdoors. 

Summer Walks…

Pax loves his walks for sure. He loves meeting and greeting new people and, for the most part, other dogs (we are still working on it.. He has come a long way!) 

In addition, he loves to just plop himself down on the nice cool grass and “take in the sun.” 🙂  

All of these activities are great, provided we make sure we properly monitor them, give them ample amount of water, and the opportunity to stay in the shade. 

Make sure your pets are hydrated. Look for signs that may be indicative of hearstroke, etc. (dogs temperatures should not exceed 104 degrees). Should this happen,  put ice packs on your dog’s head, neck and chest. This will safely bring down their body temperature safely. 

Provide them a “kiddie pool” so they can romp around and stay cool. They have become very popular. This will allow them to cool their body down when hot, and it’s fun too!

Apply sunscreen!  Believe it or not, pets are succeptible to sub burn, so it’s important to have that handy!

This final one should be obvious, but unfortunately, there are some that do not take heed:  NEVER leave your pet in the car. Your car acts like an oven. If the temperature outside is 70, in the car, it can reach 100 degrees. This should never be an option for your pet. 

In conclusion, I hope you can enjoy your Summer safely with your pets, while adhering to these simple tips to keep them safe. 🙂

Please share some of your stories of your pets enjoying the summer weather! Would love to hear, or see pictures of your adventures! 

Leash Mannerisms

It has been over a month, and I am happy to say I have seen significant progress in Pax’s mannerisms on leash. I believe this a combination of several factors.

The first: Consistency. Without this, there is no progress.  To start, we have been walking him twice daily, in small segments at a time. I believe if you create initial high expectations, you’ll become overwhelmed and frustrated, and, most importantly, so will your pet.

Create positive reinforcement. I carry treats on me whenever we walk. Upon completing a block, lets say, I will give him a treat…operant conditioning exercises, if you will.

Patience for your pup:  without this, there is no opportunity to move forward. Understand that your pet looks to you to set the tone, and if they see you frustrated, they will associate that particular activity with fear and stress. Remember that they look to us for guidance, and it is up to us to guide them and create the structure they need in order for them to lead a fulfilling life.

Create a vision:  where do you see your pup  in a week? Month? Set realistic expectations. For example; what goal would you like your pet to realistically achieve within the first week? Do you want  your dog to START with taking down their energy level BEFORE walking out the door? ( this is a problem I had with Pax. Over excitement!)  if so, work on that. Start slowly and in small increments.

In summery, create a vision for your outcome. Make sure you create consistency, and most importantly, have patience for your pet and for yourself!